About Us

Our Vision

Our Vision is what gives us the zeal to continue what we do, it’s our power source that makes us not only continue our work but to allow all kinds of improvement in our business. Our one and only goal are to create the home of your dreams, by helping you, by providing all the furniture needed in your house.

Our Story

Ali ElBadry Furniture is an entity has existed since 1952. We were able to build ourselves from below zero, from Day 1 We were known for our reliability and credibility. By creating Collections of Classic and modern designs that have made with professionalism by a professional team.

Our Factory: 

Ali El Badry Furniture is an entity has existed since 1952.
Ali El Badry Furniture Damietta factory one of the biggest furniture factories in Egypt with huge experience specialized in the production of modern furniture, steel, antiques, office furniture, hotel furniture, as well as handmade furniture.
Ali El Badry Furniture has a long experience in the manufacture of various furniture elements, such as bedrooms (adults – children), dining rooms (dining room), living rooms, salon, sofas, and others. It is manufactured from the best types of natural wood in addition to the use of high-quality raw materials.

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